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Proessional Carbon Fiber Sitar - Single Tumba
There are mainly two style of sitar. First is traditional Ravi Shankar style also called as "Kharaj Pancham" Sitar. Second one is Vilayat Khan style also called as "Gandhar Pancham" Sitar.
This sitar is "Ravi Shankar style. Made from seasoned tune wood. Its professional sitar with quality sound. The carving is made by famous craftsmen from Kolkata. You will love to play this sitar. Once you have this sitar, you will not need to purchase any other sitar in your life unless you beark it. The tumba of this sitar is made of carbon fiber. That no need to worry breaking of tumba. Rest is assured.
Made To Order
Delivery within 4 to 6 weeks from placing the order. Currently delivery in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane area only.

Price: 40,000.00
Packing & Delivery Charges Extra

Dimension Tumba 13" inches which is slightly more than a feet. Tumba size varies from Sitar to sitar as its made from pumpkin. Height is around 4' ft.
Material Made from seasoned tune wood. Steel frets. Natural wood polish. Main bridge is made from wood and tough bony material. Taraf bridge os same materail.
Weigth 2.5 to 3.0 K. G.
Cover Stadard polyester/nylon cover.